Our monthly packages

We can provide as much or as little support you require.


Our maximum level of support includes full website management, uploading new content and a strategy for effective communications across all channels. This will be targeted at both current and potential customers, and personalised to specific business requirements. You will be made fully aware of what is to be completed each month and when the work will be delivered. All scheduled plans will be agreed upon beforehand, including costs and deadlines.


We appreciate that not all clients will require full-time website support, and therefore require a lighter package. For a more relaxed way of working, we can agree upon a monthly fee for basic assistance such as: site updates, homepage updates, customer queries, , and any other website assets your business requires. Here is a sample of our most popular package (£195 option)

£ 195 /MON
  • Small website text and image updates
  • Dealing with customer queries (log in, passwords etc.)
  • Adding 1 or 2 pieces of new content, e.g. a new product

Our third level, involves the support of our team on an ad-hoc basis. We appreciate those at helm know their business better than anyone else, and may just rely on occasional support from our team. This will include a brief drawn up by a client as and when work is required.