Web Systems

Solid, bespoke and well-made database driven online applications

Web systems

Solid, bespoke and well-made database driven online applications

Web Systems

We build more complex websites that require integrated communication techniques

Some websites place importance on visuals and content associated with the business. Others have more complex systems with user accounts, forums, e-commerce, multi-media, bespoke back-end/content management and many other company specific systems. We have the experience, the know-how and the enthusiasm to build them.

Customer accounts - a personalised experience
By allowing your customers to login to their own account, you can capture relevant information that can be used to create unique content, individual to each user. They can also interact with other users or create content for the site, offering a richer website dynamic.
Bespoke site management - customised back-end systems
We are well aware that off-the-shelf back-end systems don’t fit the needs of all businesses. Your company may stand out because of a certain aspect that differs from your competitors; you need an online management solution that can cater for the unique nature of your business. We can build you fully bespoke web systems that work for you.
Multiple systems? - communication is key
Combining several different systems into one seamless experience can be challenging to get right. Your customers and staff need to feel confident that each system works perfectly with neighbouring systems and communication between them is effective. Our experience in coding in multiple online technologies puts us in the right place to deliver for your business.
Working with files - managing a range of types
Complex systems often have a number of different files to deal with. There maybe uploading requirements where data is transferred into a database; product listings containing specification documents; image galleries with multiple file types; dynamic audio and video players which can stream files located on the cloud, fast and reliably. Managing these within a system is our speciality.
Our development expertise - coding languages
For bespoke projects, we don’t use templates or 3rd party products. We are experts in a range of development languages: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, ActionScript and many more.

What we offer our customers

Our web systems can cater for any type of business and any level of complexity. This is because we build them bespokely, tailoring it exactly to fit your business requirements. Because of this, each project differs enormously, but we will always offer the following services:

Face-to-face consultations to understand your business fully
Research into the right technologies to suit your systems needs
In-depth testing to guarantee your systems are made to the highest standard
Reporting tools so you can monitor results
Step-by-step progress updates so you can feedback your thoughts

Some examples of websites which contain more complex systems include  e-commerce, price comparison, forums, online dating, news, media, and social platforms.

Web Systems: A Summary

Listen to your needs
Understand your business and learn about your systems and objectives
Customer experience
Building up a database of customer details so you can tailor their experience
Multimedia integration
Dynamic audio and video players streamed from the cloud
Customised web systems
Offering you unique back-end control through bespoke filing systems, user management and content creation
Talking the same language
Bringing you systems with a solid communication architecture
Testing and reporting
Creating a stable environment and delivering results

We are not just another web agency. See what people say!

Our Philosophy

Bring more visitors to your site by connecting to the right mix of digital marketing channels.
Impressive content design and user experience that makes sense to your customers.
Optimise your website to drive customer sales and achieve your business goals.

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