Verse Chorus

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Verse Chorus

Client: Verse Chorus

We have developed this website as part of our own love of music and songwriting. It connects lyricists and musicians together, creating new collaborations.

The site is an advert-based system whereby users can create free ads and manage them in an account section. There is also a PayPal payment system for Premium ads.

Elements built into project
Content Management System, Payment System, Login and Account Management
Technologies used
PHP, Javascript, HMTL, CSS, PayPal

Website Management System

Verse Chorus profile page

The website allows for a users to sign-up to the website. Once users’ have registered they can access restricted parts of the website, such as account pages and profile builder.

The sign-up and profile process is designed to be quick and easy, with robust (but subtle) security measures that ensure only genuine users can sign-up. Features include:

  • Email validation checks
  • Registration code required
  • Automatic registration email process
  • Forgot password function
  • Photo upload
  • Social media links

Sign-ups to Verse Chorus can post adverts and reply adverts from other users through their account pages.

The process of posting an advert is made as simple as possible, allowing users to specify their musical tastes and the type of musical collaboration they are looking for.

The system also provides for advert upgrades, allowing users to take advantage of the premium features of the site.

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