Road Safety Heroes

Client project

Road Safety Heroes

Client: Northamptonshire Highways Agency

Road Safety Heroes is a schools education website full in information and interactive games to help teach children about road safety.

Our clients were the Northamptonshire Highways Agency, who were looking to improve their use of web technology to deliver their road safety message more effectively.

The website consists of a range of interactive tasks and quizzes, and includes cartoons, animation and multi-media.

Elements built into project
Content management system, user login and account pages, audio and video players, media uploaders, blog, image galleries, social media integration, responsive.
Technologies used

Website Management System

Road Safety Heroes user dashboard

The website allows for a variety of users to sign-up to the website, with access managed by custom registration codes.

Once users’ have registered they can access restricted parts of the website, such as media resources and interactive buy ativan 2mg activities, from a user-friendly “Account apps” dashboard.

The sign-up process is designed to be quick and easy, with robust (but subtle) security measures that ensure only genuine users can sign-up. Features include:

  • Email validation checks
  • Registration code required
  • Automatic registration email process
  • Forgot password function

Road Safety Heroes user managementWe created a web-based user management system allowing for a method of monitoring and managing users that is easy to use. Core functions include:

  • Ability to create new users
  • Ability to create new user types
  • Grant access permissions to different user types
  • Invite new sign-ups to register

Our custom-made user management tool operates seamlessly with the rest of the website, using standard web languages for efficient functionality.

Administration can monitor user registration numbers, edit individual user profiles, and view core data such as registration date/time and last log-in metrics.

Road Safety Heroes media listWe also created a media resource centre where teachers, pupils and other assigned users can upload media files to share with other schools. Functions include:

  • Upload an audio file
  • Upload an image
  • Upload a PDF, Word doc, powerpoint, spreadsheet or zip file
  • Assign keywords, categories, descriptions to media
  • Submit for review

Our work on the Road Safety Heroes project has continued to develop in new directions. By using our custom built management system we have been able to tailor the web resource to meet ever-evolving requirements.

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