Muzikozm Mall

Client project

Muzikozm Mall

Client: Primrose Music Library

This project involved designing and developing a website for a music library production company. We worked in close collaboration with our client to create a cutting edge website. The site has MP3 and video players integrated into the design, and a file upload CMS system.

The site also makes use of live industry news-feed as well as social media channels such as YouTube videos.

Elements built into project
Content management system, integrated dynamic audio players, connection to Amazon S3.
Technologies used
PHP, MySQL, HMTL, CSS, Jquery, Flash

Website Management System

Muzikozm CMS

The site contains a fully bespoke content management system enabling assigned users to add, edit or remove website content easily:

  • Edit and update the content of the site
  • Tailor content appropriate for public and privileged areas
  • Custom news functionality

We also created a selection of media library options, allowing for the upload of audio tracks and video embeds. Functions include:

  • Upload an audio file
  • Create radio playlists
  • Embed YouTube videos
  • Control music library categories

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