Digital Marketing

Improve your Google position and brand awareness

Digital Marketing

Improve your Google position and brand awareness

Digital Marketing

We use a range of digital channels to improve your Google position and brand awareness.

go Increasing the number of visitors to your website is the first step in a successful web campaign. The aim of our service is to connect with your target audience, supporting the right marketing channels and social media strategies for your business, generating the best return on your investment.

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The digital mix - a wealth of options
There are many different approaches to web marketing, from search engine optimisation to social media. The array of choices can sometimes feel mind-boggling, and you may wonder how you can find the time to cover everything.
Clarify your needs - what works best for you
The good news is that we can help you find the right marketing mix for your campaign. This might mean performing an analysis of search engine opportunities in your sector and finding most effective keywords for your business. Alternatively, you might wish to connect with your audience through a blog, helping you demonstrate your credentials as an expert in your field and driving traffic to your site. Otherwise, a pay-per-click campaign using a service such as Google Adwords might be a more effective marketing solution for you.
Build your market - your long term objectives
Creating a successful digital marketing campaign is not always easy. It usually involves time and patience to build up a well-regarded connection with search engines and social media. That’s why finding the right recipe for you to channel your energy efficiently is so important. Once we understand you long term objectives we can help translate your goals into meaningful strategies.
Working efficiently - understanding through analysis
Twitter? Blog? Pay-per-click advertising? We can hep you understand these tools better, and how to use your time more successfully. We also harness the power of web analytic tools to understand how your website is performing and where it can be improved. The more you know about how people are finding you, the more effectively you can target your resources.

What we offer our customers

source Different businesses will use digital marketing in different ways, and we tailor our plans based on your individual needs and business goals.

click here come si fa a fare forex on line Generally speaking, social media and SEO should be considered ongoing processes in order to build a successful campaign and keep up with the competition. We offer a monthly package which can be scaled to suit your objectives, including services such as:

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Ongoing monitoring of your website for loading speed, outbound links and backlinks, meta data, and keywords analysis
Content monitoring and content creation including blog articles
Social media campaigns updating Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts to build visitors
Continued analysis of competitor websites, keywords and backlinks for new opportunities
Write and submit relevant articles to websites such as Reddit, Ezine Articles, Hubpages, Dotpoch for greater exposure of brand and increased backlinks
Monthly or quarterly Google Analytics report offering an easy-access summary of website traffic data, along with proposals of development measures based on the given data

go to site We also offer a one-off package which might be thought of as an search engine “MOT” for your website. Again, this can be scaled to suit your needs. Contact us for a no-obligation chat. We are happy to offer advice, look over your existing website, or provide you with an easy to understand quotation for your project – all for free.

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Digital Marketing: A Summary

Listen to you over a coffee
Understand your business and learn about your project objectives.
Keyword analysis
Analysis of search engine opportunities in your sector to identify the best keywords.
Your toolkit
Helping you get the most out of marketing tools, from blogs to pay-per-click campaigns.
Your customers
Getting to know your target audience so we know who to connect with.
Digital Mix
Working through the right digital mix for your business to acheive a competitive edge, including social media.
Aims and objectives
Defining long-term goals and developing a strategy to achieve them.

Our Philosophy

Bring more visitors to your site by connecting to the right mix of digital marketing channels.
Impressive content design and user experience that makes sense to your customers.
Optimise your website to drive customer sales and achieve your business goals.

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